The Parker Knoll Burghley

The Parker Knoll Burghley is beautifully proportioned and classically styled, Burghley is the perfect shape for detailed fabric designs and soft chenille’s. Style in leather to add a classic look to your living room. Available in 3 size of sofas and an elegant chair. Also pictured Winchester stool

BURGHLEY   height width depth
Chair   97CM (38”)   103CM (40.5”)   98CM (38.5”)
2 seat sofa   97CM (38”)   176CM (69”)   98CM (38.5”)
Large 2 seat sofa   97CM (38”)   206CM (81”)   98CM (38.5”)
Grand Sofa   97CM (38”)   236CM (93”)   98CM (38.5”)

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Display model 2 seat sofa in leather and fabric chair

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