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The Cappella Range Tension: Medium, 6 Turn ReActive Pocket spring system - 

The Concerto Range Tension: Medium  7 Turn ReActive Pocket spring system -

The more active turns in a single continuous pocket spring the greater its ability to sense the exact comfort and support requirement of you and your partner. A single continuous pocket spring also creates a ‘bellow-like’ affect that drives cool air around the mattress and facilitates greater hygiene. This extra breathability ensures better ventilation, helping to reduce moisture and maintain a comfortable body temperature for a healthy, relaxing and energising night’s sleep


Hypnos Nimbus Pillow Top Divan Bed- ReActive 8 Pocket Springs

2 rows of Hand Side-Stitching - Traditional hand-side stitching which secures the outer springs to the border at the top and bottom preventing roll-out and is the most highly skilled and labour intensive of all the operations. Side-stitching is carried out by senior upholsterers using traditional long needles and twine to make borders and edges stronger. The effects on the mattress are quite dramatic preventing the springs from distorting and extending the sleeping area right up to the edge of the bed to make the borders and edges stronger.

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Over a century of fine British bed design Natural & Sustainable

We have honed our artistry over the decades to create beds using luxurious, durable and natural elements. Our generous fillings help to regulate body temperature; wick away moisture and repel allergens. We are the first British Carbon Neutral bed maker with all of our beds 100% recyclable.

Craftsmanship & Design

We take our responsibility for your well-being seriously. Each and every bespoke bed is meticulously hand built to bring you comfort, relaxation and pleasure. You will never own a more comfortable and more beautiful bed.


Our pursuit of perfection means we create authentic and enduring pieces of Great British furniture. A Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a clutch of prestigious awards and a 10 year guarantee reinforce our reputation for the best of British quality.

We’re a long-established family business with an illustrious Royal history to be proud of. And we pour it all back into our design and craft to hand build the most comfortable beds our customers have ever owned. Handmade in our Buckinghamshire workshops, you’ll find our mattresses and beds in the best yachts, palaces and hotels all over the world as well as in homes like yours.

With our experience, we know how to choose the finest high performance materials. We only use sustainable, natural materials to craft exceptionally restful beds that will last. Over decades, we’ve refined the comfort features and style elements of our beds to a perfectly curated selection of design options. All you have to do is choose the ones that create the bed of your dreams.

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