Q: When should I change my bed?

A: Most quality beds have an approximate life span of 10 years of normal use. But best advice is that you should change your bed or mattress when it starts to wear or sag, as an old mattress will not support your body and you will sleep badly and wake up with aches and pains.

Q: Do beds come complete with headboards

A: Divan sets do not come complete with headboards they are optional extras, unless your order a bedstead or bedframe that includes the head end. Remember bedsteads are normally for home assembly by yourselves

Q : Will my old headboard fit the new bed?

A: Yes all recent headboards fittings are the same, so if you order the same size bed it will fit, but with the wide choice available why not treat yourself to a new one.

Q How do I choose the right bed?

A: The average person spends about a third of their life in bed, so it’s essential you choose the right mattress for your needs. When it comes to selecting your bed please ‘try before you buy’ it’s surprising how many people don’t actually do this. you should visit a showroom and test out a range of beds to see if you like your mattress firm, medium or even super soft.

Q: Will a new bed improve my sleep?

A: Yes it should as any good new bed with a comfortable mattress will support you better when you are asleep, which in turn minimises the amount you toss and turn.

Q: What size?

A: This primarily depends on the size of the room and who is sleeping in the bed. We suggest for 2 adults the bigger the bed the better sleep.

Q: Can I order any size of bed

A: Yes, however most beds come in standard sizes Single2’6”/3’0”, double 4’0”/4’6”, king 5’0” or Super king 6’0” Remember your choice of bed linen and quilts is greater for standard size beds

Q: Twin or double size?

A: It depends on how you sleep. Some couples say they sleep better apart – while others prefer to snuggle.

Q: can I have drawers in all beds

A: Yes most divan beds whether firm top or sprung edge can have a drawer option

Q: Should I buy my children good beds?

A: Yes perhaps even more than for you – children can wake up with a sore back! the bed also needs to be able to stand up to climbing and jumping, and has a good supportive mattress.

Q: Is price important?

A: There is no doubt that with quality beds, with-in reason, the more you pay will give you a better bed but more importantly it will stay better longer.

Q: how do I get rid of my old bed

A; We look after that, whilst we do a free delivery in our a local area, there is a small charge for disposal of your old bed

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