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Bed and Mattress details

Memory foam, made from chemically treated polyurethane. Referred to as visco elastic. The foam is firm at cooler temperatures and softer in warmer environments. The foam reacts from the heat of the body which allows the material to mould to the shape of your body providing firm support. Returns to original shape when no pressure applied

  • Latex mattresses' Quality luxurious product, superior comfort and support, Latex is a natural product produced from the sap of trees, has hypo-allergenic properties, and helps prevent bed bugs.

  • Quilted mattresses, Quilting Stitched to the mattress cover and to the top layer of the mattress core. Quilted mattresses are smoother and softer and create a flatter sleeping surface, High loft and deep quilt give extra comfort

  • Tufted Mattresses, Usually a nylon tape is passed through the mattress and secured both sides with either pompoms or buttons, Creates a firmer mattress

  • Damask Cover' Damask is a woven patterned fabric usually made from cotton or synthetic fibres. Used to cover mattresses and divan sets. Can vary in quality and softness.

  • Knitted Stretch Fabric' Provides a soft and flexible mattress cover.

  • BouclĂ©' Divan base cover fabric, from a three ply yarn that produces a rough textured cloth.

  • Open coil mattresses are the most commonly-used springing system in the world for starter priced mattresses, border rod or wire gives the mattress a firm edge and helps retain its shape, sides are machine stitched rather than hand-stitched.

  • A pocket spring mattress is a good mattress spring system if there's a size difference between you and your partner, as it lessens the risk of you rolling towards each other during sleep, the mattresses are more luxurious, with individual springs inside separate fabric pockets. The pocketed springs work independently to respond to individual body weight. Hand stitched sides for strong, stable edges - hand stitching is a sign of craftsmanship and quality.

  • Platform Top' A divan base that is constructed usually using a hardboard top. Provides a firmer sleeping surface.

  • Sprung Base'  A divan base with a full set of springs mounted onto the divan frame. Provides a softer sleeping surface. Increases mattress durability, as less strain concentrated onto the mattress.

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