Futters (Gt Yarmouth) Ltd have been selling furnishing in the Conge for 70 years.  

The Futters property is owned by the Council and the lease comes to an end later this year. The Conge area is marked for redevelopment in the Town Centre Master Plan so it has been agreed with the Council that they will take back the property at the end of the lease.

FUTTERS is looking for alternative properties to continue the business. The new shop is likely to concentrate on Carpets although other furniture and furnishings could be included if space is available.

An ‘end of lease’ closing sale NOW ON  we have £250,000 of stock to clear at very competitive prices. 

There are also bigger than ever discounts off orders for leading brands of Furniture Beds and Carpets including G Plan, Parker Knoll, Sherborne in Upholstery , Hypnos Beds and carpet brands include Axminster , Ulster, Cormar & Abingdon’s 

including 35% OFF G plan suites 30% off Parker Knoll suites

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